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  • What does equity, diversity & inclusion mean to small, rural & coastal nonprofits?

    Equity, social justice, diversity, and inclusion are popular topics today. Funders increasingly expect you to demonstrate progress in one or more of these areas of practice. But, what does it mean to “look through an equity lens” in less multicultural areas, where the disparities you work to overcome are more psycho-graphic factors, (access to resources, politics, income and education), that have little to do with demographics, (race, ethnicity, or nation of origin), which typically drives D/E/I expectations and standards? How do you join the conversation when needs are just as great, but the socio-economic landscape is entirely different than your inland colleagues? Join us for an interactive, candid discussion about what makes equity writing real (versus fiction), credible, and relevant in your world. So what does equity mean, exactly, to your organization? Getting comfortable talking about equity leads to writing ethically and accurately about it, which is what funders expect.

    Lee Mozena, Founder/Owner, Zena Consulting

    Lee MozenaLee Mozena is a PSGA member and founder/owner of Zena Consulting, which helps organizations “Communicate Better about Working for Good”. She offers comprehensive grant services focused on culturally inclusive solutions-from research and program or partnership development, to writing, coordinating, and evaluation. Lee brings a business approach to the challenge of wrangling funds from public coffers or private foundation, using her background in human services, education, and "minority' community development to make persuasive arguments based on data, not emotions. Her education includes a Training Specialist Certificate from the University of Washington, MA in Sociology from The New School, and a BA in Communications from Temple University. Training clients have included: PSGA, Washington State Bar Association, Search Institute, Out & Equal Northwest, SIETAR-USA, Institute of Management Consultants/USA, Family Support America, Washington HHS, and Campfire USA/Puget Sound.

    120 State Avenue NE, #303
    Olympia, WA 98501